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Medical Weight Loss Management

Medical Weight Loss Management Clinic in Crown Point IN

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits that are important to your overall health and well-being. Obesity can lead to a variety of health problems that can affect your quality of life. At Mullally Sports and Family Medicine, we help patients manage their weight and reduce the medical risks linked with being obese. For more information, please contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 11275 Delaware Pkwy Suite A, Crown Point, IN 46307.

Medical Weight Loss Management Clinic Near Me in Crown Point IN
Medical Weight Loss Management Clinic Near Me in Crown Point IN

Table of Contents:

What are some of the problems with being overweight?
What is medically managed weight loss?
How does medically supervised weight loss work?
What are the benefits of medically supervised weight management?

What are some of the problems with being overweight?

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits that are important for overall health and well-being. Being overweight can result in a variety of health issues, which have the potential to reduce the quality of life. Some of the problems associated with being overweight include:
Joint pain and mobility issues – Carrying excess weight puts strain on the joints, which often leads to pain and mobility issues.

Breathing problems and sleep apnea – Being overweight can cause breathing problems and sleep apnea, which can harm general health and well-being.

Chronic conditions – The risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and certain types of cancer is increased if a person is overweight or obese.

Mental health problems – Being overweight can lead to negative body image and self-esteem issues, which often harm mental health.

What is medically managed weight loss?

The term “medically managed weight loss” refers to a comprehensive strategy for weight loss that includes the direction and assistance of medical professionals, such as doctors, registered dietitians, and other healthcare providers. Those who are obese or severely overweight and have had trouble losing weight through diet and exercise alone are usually often good candidates for medically managed weight loss.
Depending on the needs and health status of the patient, medically managed weight loss programs usually combine dietary adjustments, physical activity, and other interventions, such as medication or surgery. Helping people reach and maintain a healthy weight, enhancing general health and well-being, and lowering the risk of developing chronic health conditions are the main objectives of medically managed weight loss.

How does medically supervised weight loss work?

Medically supervised weight loss involves a holistic approach to weight management and includes:
Evaluation and assessment – A comprehensive evaluation by a healthcare professional is the first step in medically supervised weight loss. A physical examination, medical history, diagnostic tests, and an evaluation of the person’s health risks associated with their weight are a part of this process.

Individualized weight loss plan – The healthcare provider will create an individualized weight loss plan based on the evaluation that is specific to the needs and objectives of the patient. This plan might include dietary adjustments, exercise objectives, medication or other interventions, as well as ongoing supervision and support.

Dietary modifications – In medically supervised weight loss, there is often a focus on whole, healthy foods and a reduction in calorie intake. A customized meal plan that supports the person’s weight loss objectives and is nutritionally balanced is created with the assistance of a registered dietitian.

Physical activity – Most weight loss programs include physical activity and exercise. The medical practitioner may also offer advice regarding the best types, frequencies, and intensities of exercise for the patient.

Medications – In some cases, medications or other interventions may be recommended to support weight loss efforts. This may include prescription weight loss medications, meal replacement products, or other interventions as needed.

Ongoing support – Regular check-ins with a physician are an important component of medically supervised weight loss to monitor progress, modify the weight loss plan as necessary, and provide ongoing support and guidance.

What are the benefits of medically supervised weight management?

Medically assisted weight management has many benefits, such as:
Customized approach – Medically supervised weight management is personalized to each person’s specific requirements and objectives.

Medical guidance – Medical experts offer oversight and direction throughout their weight loss journey. They can diagnose and treat any health conditions that may be contributing to weight gain, such as thyroid disorders.

Improved health outcomes – By assisting people in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, medically supervised weight management can lower the risk of developing weight-related illnesses like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and sleep apnea.

Support and accountability – Medically supervised weight management offers ongoing accountability and support to assist people in sticking to their weight loss objectives. Regular check-ins with medical professionals will help you identify difficulties and provide you with solutions.

Education and resources – The medical team can provide you with information and resources to support healthy lifestyle changes. Education about nutrition, advice on physical activity, stress-reduction techniques, and other methods for promoting general health and wellness are all available.
At Mullally Sports and Family Medicine, our team of experienced doctors and medical professionals provide specialized and quality care. We serve clients from Crown Point IN, Winfield IN, Schererville IN, St. John IN, Cedar Lake IN, Munster IN, Lowell IN, DeMotte IN, as well as other Northwest Indiana locations.